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Why Use Them?

Your foot is a very complex structure, and each time you move you initiate a very sophisticated sequence of events. Poor foot function can affect this sequence increasing the risk of injury. Unlike other insoles, CurrexSole insoles do not try to block poor motion with rigid materials, instead they capture and guide your feet to behave in an effective and efficient manner.

10 good reasons why you should use currexsole insoles:

Walking Insoles

Don’t let a niggle become a pain

Our RUNPRO walking insoles are not just for runners but also the perfect walking insoles for walkers, ramblers, nordic walkers and trekkers. They are for use with shoes that are soft-soled and flexible. If you have walking boots with a hard sole then choose the EDGEPRO.

The currexSole RUNPRO insoles provide walkers with extra support and increase comfort. Foot and calf fatigue will be reduced.

And if you suffer from minor niggles when out walking then the RUNPRO walking insoles can help with this too. Blisters, lower back ache and knee pain can all be a thing of the past.

EDGEPRO – Feel The Control

The edge. It’s where you need to be when skiing, snowboarding and hiking. But your feet and lower legs are uncomfortably fixed. Sensitivity vanishes, the feet begin to burn.

EDGEPRO insoles give you a completely new connection with your boots. You regain control and your feet feel more flexible. Suddenly, the edge is where you want to be.

EDGEPRO insoles can work wonders in golf shoes, too. Firm support, everything fits – just like your golf glove.

Sports: Hiking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Golf

Features: Dynamic Arch Technology, Moisture Wicking, Fewer Blisters, Warmer Feet, Breathable, Odor Reducing

Currex insoles priced at £44.95