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Elite or recreational, all runners share the same basic goal: to run faster with less effort while staying injury free. To a large extent, this is controlled by your running mechanics which is highly individual. So how can you know if you’re running stride is efficient or prone to injuries? Video analysis of your stride is simply not enough, you also need to add force. Force is what causes motion and with MotionMetrix, you capture both - in full 3D.

MotionMetrix combines the capabilities of a biomechanics research lab with the simplicity of video analysis. With just two depth sensing cameras and a treadmill, MotionMetrix provides your full biomechanical running profile in less than a minute.


Key parameters for assessing stride efficiency and injury risk are the Running Economy and Joint Loading parameters, respectively, both of which have been validated against standard techniques and reported data from runners.

MotionMetrix's Running Economy index is essentially a measure of how much mechanical energy is costs to transport one kilo of your body weight one meter forward while running and the lower the better. It is the key factor that singles out great runners from good ones but it also influences how fluent and enjoyable your running feels. Therefore, you have a lot to gain by improving your Running Economy regardless of level of ambition and performance. The Running Economy index responds instantly on changes in your stride and can thus be used to monitor stride corrections for improved efficiency.

While an improved Running Economy will boost your running experience, you want to stay away from injuries to make this experience last. While there may be many contributing factors to the development of an injury, it is ultimately the load applied to the lower limbs that is the trigger. 

With MotionMetrix's Joint Loading feature you can assess if you load your hip and knee joints in a harmful way and relate that to characteristic features in your running stride. In this way, you can make targeted stride corrections to alleviate a specific force or moment from harmful level to normal.